Hello 👋 I'm Mathew Bushuru, a software engineer based in Vancouver, Canada. My interests span a broad variety of subjects, encompassing algorithm design, electronics, education, web and mobile development.

I currently work on Point of Sales systems at the head office of Choices Markets which is a division of Pattison Food Group. Previously, I have worked on a React Native mobile app at Amelia, built a web-based lab management system for the Molecular and Advanced Pathology Core (MAPCore) lab at BC Cancer, and worked on a machine learning recommender system at Cellulant.

I am always open to working on new project ideas so please feel free to connect with me.

Favourite Projects

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Design SystemMy personal design systemWebsite, GitHub
Todoist MonorepoA production ready application template built with React, React Native, TypeScript, Express and MySQL in a monorepo powered by Turborepo (Todoist clone).Website, GitHub
AlgorithmsRepository of computer science algorithms and data structures implemented in Java, C++, JavaScript, C, TypeScript and Python.GitHub
Soma OfflineAn EdTech company providing access to educational resources to communities with limited or no internet accessWebsite, GitHub
ProSearchXA wrapper around Google Search with additional features to make it more effective and powerful.Website, GitHub